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Student Competitions

ICC Elementary School offers student participation in numerous school wide competitions throughout the year. Parents will be notified prior to the competition date for advanced preparation. These competitions while mainly school based, may also lead to higher level of competition such as inter-school, city, state and even national levels, depending on the individual result of each student. In previous years, ICC Elementary School Students have placed high winning first place at the middle school level City Qirat Competition, competing against the other Islamic schools in the Chicago area, and also placed first at the State Level MathLeague competition. These competitions include but are not limited to:
  • All-School Spelling Bee
  • Science Fair
  • Islamic Bowl
  • Qirat Competition (Opportunity for City Level Competition)
  • Math League (Opportunity for City, State and National Level Competition)

ICC Elementary School Student of the Year

To qualify for the student of the year award, a student must meet the following criteria:
  • Highest MAP scores in the entire school.
  • Excellent academic performance (all A's) throughout the academic school year.
  • Islamic Etiquettes and excellent behavior.
  • Perfect Attendance.